Champion has experienced teams of both specialists and generalists. Having both types of teams insures that we can adequately address all customer needs. In the area of pipeline applications, Champion excels because of a specialized team with vast experience in optimizing pipeline operations.


Integrity Management
Corrosion Inhibitors Cortron®
Biocides Bactron®
Hydrotesting & Subsea Preservation Products Hydrosure™
Encapsulated Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors Captron™/Encaptron™
Combination Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors Scortron®
Production Enhancement
Hydrate Inhibitors Assure®
Drag Reducer Flowplus™
Scale Inhibitor Squeezes Secure™
Paraffin Control & Asphaltene Inhibitors Flotron®
Paraffin Inhibitors Flexoil®
Foamers & Foam Control Foamatron®
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