Hydrates are crystal/ice-like formations that can grow to lead to serious blockage in production lines and safety problems. Hydrates can be remediated by increasing system temperature above the hydrate formation temperature, or by reducing system pressure, but this approach can be dangerous. Methanol has traditionally been used as a hydrate inhibitor in the US Gulf of Mexico, and monoethylene glycol in the North Sea. Both thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors are effective, but require high concentrations to be effective. This causes issues with product storage on platforms, complicates logistics for delivery and inventory maintenance, and creates a potential hazard.

Champion Technologies has developed a line of industry-leading low dose hydrate inhibitors (LDHI) and anti-agglomerate hydrate inhibitors (AAHI) that allow for control of hydrate formation at dosage rates much lower than those for thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors and formulated for high and low pressure situations, and with or without water ice inhibition properties. 

Our hydrate inhibitor products combined with Champion Technologies’ uncompromising standards for innovative technologies, project-specific performance, and customer service, can free your asset from logistical and hazardous issues and space restraints, and help decrease production costs, while improving performance and your bottom line.

The Assure® program for integrated hydrate control provides customizable hydrate management for challenging deepwater operations.

A fit-for-purpose hydrate management methodology, the Champion Technologies program thoroughly evaluates system conditions and applies the most appropriate treatment.

State-of-the-art testing and modeling are used to develop the right solution:

  • Conditions affecting hydrate formation are fully modeled
  • For precise chemical selection, accurate cell pressures and temperatures, including conditions of rapid cool-down, are determined using leading-edge equipment

The Assure® hydrate management program is continually monitored and revised by CTI experts to maximize cost-effectiveness and performance.

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