Foamatron® fit-for-purpose foaming products are specially designed to unload water from gas wells or pipelines. Dewatering is achieved reliably and efficiently to restore and enhance production.

Using a series of Foamatron® products and Perfoam® predictive modeling for candidate selection and job design, CTI experts can provide effective, economic answers for increasing profits from declining gas wells.

Foaming versus Mechanical Unloading

Foaming is a fast, economic solution for relieving the hydrostatic head created by an increased water column in mature wells. This liquid loading, which can severely affect productivity or even kill the well, is conventionally mitigated by mechanical methods such as swabbing, plunger-lift, or even “blowing” the well to a surface pit to remove water.

But equipment delays and stricter environmental regulations, coupled with a desire to sell gas rather than vent it to the atmosphere while blowing the well, increasingly make mechanical solutions a problematic choice.

Foaming methodologies provided by CTI offer a more effective solution for enhancing gas production.

Well Candidate and Foamer Selection

Developing a CTI dewatering solution begins with understand the condition of each well. Using Champion’s Perfoam predictive modeling tool, CTI experts use this information to select the best candidates wells for foamer applications, so that wells with the greatest potential are treated first.

The Perfoam model is especially critical when using capillary strings to deploy foamer or other chemicals into a gas well. It is very important to understand the conditions at every level in the well so that the problem is fully understood prior to product selection, application design and creation of a monitoring program.

Once candidate wells have been determined, well fluids are obtained to guide product selection. Champion experts evaluate and select products in the field using wellhead gas, produced brine and condensate.

Salt Plug Removal

Many wells have little or no water present at bottomhole conditions. In some areas, this leads to the formation of salt plugs. Freshwater is often pumped or gravity-fed into these wells to dissolve and then prevent salt blocks.

In these applications, Foamatron® EFPTM products provide a specifically-formulated system to help unload the well. The cost-effective foamers also control corrosion and scale formation.

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