Corrosion is the progressive destruction of metal due to its reaction with the environment, resulting in deterioration that can lead to integrity failure. It is an electrochemical process and requires the presence of water or brine to progress, which, even small amounts, can lead to a serious corrosion attack of your pipelines.

Champion Technologies has developed industry-leading corrosion inhibitors that provide cost-effective corrosion protection to your operations no matter how complex the problem.  We combine comprehensive evaluation programs and sophisticated research and testing to provide you with a complete chemical management program that will address specific corrosion issues, extend asset life, reduce failure rates, and maintain integrity and operability of your production system.

In any environment or geographic region, Champion Technologies focuses on managing risks of your corrosion issues in all types of oilfield operations - oil and gas production, processing, and transportation systems.  Our solid history of experience in the application of corrosion inhibitors and our knowledge of production operations can help you improve your profits.  

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