Shale Pioneers

Champion Technologies has been supporting the unconventional oil and gas industry - shale, tight, coalbed methane, and other low-permeability geologic formations - since the early 1990s. By working closely with producers, we’ve learned first-hand what makes each formation unique and the economic limitations with hard-to-reach natural gas. Our specially-designed chemistries, engineered services, and far reaching infrastructure, mixed with over 40 years of combined experience in all aspects of oil and gas production, oil and water treating, water disposal, and injection management, provide you with the customized solutions that help you keep your operations going and your profits flowing.

Products and people that perform

Our team of experts is experienced in developing economical products and integrated programs that meet your individual needs and deliver optimal performance and equipment reliability for your assets. Through research, ongoing sample testing, and collaboration with you, we help mitigate your challenges by offering a suite of products that address your concerns related to bacterial contamination, scale, corrosion, H2S, paraffin, hydrates, and difficult emulsions. We concentrate on asset improvement with metrics that help us predict and prevent your fracturing and production issues before they happen and solve them if they already exist.

Unique challenges require unique solutions:

We understand that specialty chemical products and treatment programs must manage unique crude oil characteristics and their associated challenges for downhole conditions and formation fluids encountered in hydraulically fractured wells. To treat these complex environments, we develop high-performance “designer” specialty products administered by a balanced chemical management program to provide solutions for your unique situation.

We’re always thinking about your water

Long before producers began combining advanced horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology to recover unconventional oil and gas, Champion Technologies was pioneering chemistries and treatment methods to address the water management issues encountered when fracing and producing low-permeability gas reservoirs. We’ve been striving ever since to improve the performance, safety, and environmental impact of our chemistries to meet your needs. Today, we are developing and deploying frac-water additives that exhibit low toxicity to aquatic life, low potential to bioaccumulate, and acceptable rates of biodegradation. Similarly, regarding health and safety, we look to avoid products that are known or probable carcinogens or mutagens, or are linked with reproductive toxicity. We also employ selection criteria based on GHS (Globally Harmonized System), toxicity classifications.

Sustainable biocides for hydraulic fracturing

In terms of performance, environmental attributes of biocides used in hydraulic fracturing must help maintain frac-fluid integrity and good water quality during flowback, while preventing MIC (microbially-influenced corrosion) and reservoir souring and plugging. Champion Technologies has been instrumental in developing biocide treatments that combine glutaraldehyde and quaternaryamines, which achieve high performance and high HSE-criteria ratings.

As opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach to water treatment, we identify and analyze water sources for fracs upfront and conduct kill studies to determine the most effective and compatible chemistries and dosages for each application. Our onsite experts provide 365/24/7 personal attention during the frac process. After the fracing process is complete, we monitor biocide levels in flowback fluids, gather and culture bacteria for enumeration studies, and adjust future treatment parameters based on empirical indicators. Close monitoring optimizes the efficacy of our treatments, which help improve the sustainability of production by reducing your safety and environmental risks, chemical consumption, and operating costs.

Minimizing damage by scale

In hydraulic fracturing operations, scale usually forms as a result of incompatibility between fracturing water and the local groundwater. Scale can also be caused by the dissolution of shale minerals in fresh water, depending on the environmental conditions, which can also lead to clay mobilization. The extent of this problem is affected by variations of temperature, turbulence, pressure, CO2 content, pH and ionic species in the water. Formation of scale and clay mobilization can lead to serious problems for your reservoir – such as plugging and formation damage during flowback. Champion Technologies has developed scale inhibitors to minimize this damage.


We also perform extensive sample testing to ensure the most effective and compatible product is administered to meet the unique requirements of your well. This testing includes a dynamic scale loop, static bottle testing and brine compatibility testing to determine which product should be used for each application.

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