Optimizing Midstream Operations with Integrated Chemical Solutions

Evolving midstream dynamics

The importance of midstream oil and gas operations is increasing dramatically at a time when pipelines and processing plants are facing unprecedented technical challenges and regulatory mandates.

Champion understands the pressures midstream companies are facing to sustain efficient operations as North America’s oil and gas supply base evolves, to implement monitoring, maintenance, and remediation procedures necessary to keep midstream facilities operating at peak efficiency, and to establish recordkeeping and reporting procedures capable of documenting that midstream operations are with regulatory requirements--all while trying to turn a profit.

Maintaining midstream facilities

Experience teaches that engineered batch or continuous-injection treatments with high-performance specialty chemistries offer one of the most cost-effective ways of maintaining the physical integrity of midstream facilities, and should be included in any maintenance or integrity management program.

Ensuring the integrity of piping systems and associated processing equipment with high-performance specialty chemistries and engineered application services is second-nature to Champion Technologies.  We’ve been providing specialty chemicals for production operations, pipelines, and processing facilities--from the well head to the refinery gate--for more than a half century.

We know the needs and objectives of each midstream facility are unique, depending upon its throughput, its position in the supply chain, and the role it is playing.  Not only do basic operating conditions--such as temperature, pressure, and rates and composition of throughput--vary considerably from one system to the next; conditions can change significantly over time as fields mature and disposition patterns change.

Champion’s Midstream Service Group conducts an extensive field audit for each application to compile and evaluate the data needed to optimize formulation of treatment chemistries and design of treatment methods.  We quickly determine key parameters, such as physical characteristics and design specifications; composition of throughput; current monitoring methods and maintenance programs; history of leaks, ruptures, or other problems; and operating practices and objectives of the owner.

Once we have a clear picture of the logistical factors and strategic situation, we assemble an experienced and disciplined project team to establish a clearly defined scope of work and project execution plan with goals and objectives that concentrate on asset improvement opportunities and with performance measures to track results.

Champion contributes to profitable pipeline transportation and processing operations by tailoring our chemical products and services to precisely fit the operational needs of each of our midstream customers.

Midstream chemistries and services

Champion has developed entire families of high-performance specialty chemical products with advanced environmental attributes to address myriad oil and gas production problems.  We have adapted many of these chemistries, and the technical and analytic capabilities used to create them, to achieve treatment objectives in pipelines and processing plants.

Depending upon a midstream operator’s objectives and local conditions, Champion can provide:

  • Advanced corrosion inhibitors for midstream chemical treatment programs to neutralize corrosive substances and particles and coat inner surfaces with protective films.
  • Advanced biocides that destroy harmful bacteria, yet are safe to use and exert minimal harmful effects on the environment.
  • Advanced scale inhibitors that prevent deposition of solids on the inner walls of pipelines and processing equipment through dispersion mechanisms or by distorting crystals precipitated by the mixing of incompatible fluids.
  • Advanced paraffin inhibitors, asphaltene inhibitors, and hydrate inhibitors that prevent formation of blockages in pipelines that reduce or interrupt throughput.
  • Advanced drag-reducing agents to help smooth the fluid flow in pipelines by reducing the frictional forces along a pipeline’s length.
  • Advanced oxygen and H2S scavengers to help prevent attacks of corrosive mechanisms capable of seriously damaging inner steel surfaces and deteriorating the thickness of pipeline walls.

Champion confirms the effectiveness of chemical treatment programs though visual methods, direct measurements using smart pigs, calipers, and x-rays, and indirect assessment methods such as weight-loss coupons, sample analysis, failure analysis, and predictive computer modeling.

Champion’s world-class chemical manufacturing plants, blending plants, district and regional laboratories, and global research and development organization ensure our customers receive chemical products of the highest quality and exacting specifications, in the quantities required, when and where they’re needed.

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