Enhanced Oil Recovery

Approximately 70% of the world’s oil is currently being produced from mature fields in which conventional recovery methods have extracted about 20-30% of the reservoir oil. Secondary recovery or water floods have only added another 10-20% to the recovered oil figure. Now operators are looking to extract the remaining oil from these fields through Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). EOR is either being considered or applied in many mature and declining fields globally. 

Champion Technologies has the knowledge gained through field experience in the earliest EOR projects in the Permian Basin; our 30+ years of EOR know-how is critical to meeting your current requirements. In addition, Champion Technologies specialists have treated EOR fields in Canada and have solved production-related issues in polymer floods. We have also developed chemistries to combat issues, such as asphaltenes, associated with CO2 EOR.

We understand your need for an integrated EOR solution in which you can place a high level of confidence that it will work and be made available at the desired cost and in the shortest timeframe. In addition to having a clear focus on enabling you to sell spec oil and reuse water, Champion Technologies strives to keep you from having to shut in wells due to corrosion, scale, or bacteria issues and to maintain effective separation of oil and water. 

Whether the method used is steam, gas, chemical, or microbial, will the EOR process work in your reservoir? Are predictions valid as to how the process will work? Are simulations accurate? And if the unforeseen happens, will there be a specialist to explain why and rectify the problem going forward? When Champion Technologies is involved in your EOR projects, your confidence level can be significantly increased.

Champion Technologies is committed to industry EOR projects—enough to enter into a collaboration with the Chemical EOR Alliance, whose members include IFP Energies Noevelles, BeicipFranlab, and Rhodia. Our relationships with production chemists and our alliance partners’ relationship with reservoir engineers affords a more holistic view of your EOR projects, allowing us to adopt a proactive approach to potential issues specific to your field plan.

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