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Oil & gas markets cover a big space. So do we. From the reservoir to the refinery, our chemical solutions touch almost every part of the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas value chain. So whether your application is inhibiting hydrates from an offshore reservoir underneath 10,000 ft of water, fighting corrosion in a transcontinental pipeline, killing bacteria in a water source for your hydraulic fracturing job, or preventing scale build up in a refinery boiler, you’ll find Champion Technologies there.


We are one of the industry leaders in sustainable and environmentally responsible chemical solutions that meet strict arctic climate performance guidelines.


Champion Technologies has been helping solve our customers' conventional upstream oil and gas industry technical challenges for more than 50 years.  


From development through operations, Champion Technologies provides expertise in Flow Assurance, Integrity Management, Production Enhancement, and Separations.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Champion Technologies recognizes that oil and gas producers are turning to specialized techniques to produce fields where "low-hanging fruit" is long gone.

Heavy Oil

Heavy oil phase separation and water clarification pose unique technical challenges within the industry.


Chemtech is a specialty chemical and engineering service division of Champion Technologies, providing a full line of industrial water treatment chemicals and field engineering services.

Industrial Water Treatment

Champion Technologies' Water Solutions group offers a full line of Chemtech™ industrial water treatment chemicals and field engineering services.


The importance of midstream oil and gas operations is increasing dramatically at a time when pipelines and processing plants are facing unprecedented technical challenges and regulatory mandates.

Oil Sands

With the continuing decline of conventional crude oil reserves, one area getting increased attention is oil sands exploration, development and production.


Champion Technologies offers the refining industry a unique combination of over 50 years of process fouling and corrosion control, desalting improvements along with some of the industry’s most capable technical experts.


Champion Technologies has been supporting the unconventional oil and gas industry - shale, tight, coalbed methane, and other low-permeability geologic formations - since the early 1990s.

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