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Oil and gas does not begin to create value until it is recovered from the reservoir. Champion Technologies enables you to move oil and gas up and out of the reservoir to a preliminary processing facility by applying exceptional flow assurance products and methods. Paraffins, asphaltenes, and hydrates all have the potential to reduce or stop production, costing significant money in workover and lost revenue and potentially creating serious safety problems. Flow management issues should always be thoroughly addressed in the design of any well, but chemical treatment will usually be necessary. 

What has always been an issue in offshore fields has taken on an increased importance in deepwater developments. Flow assurance problems, primarily hydrate and paraffin formation, are exacerbated by several factors unique to the deepwater environment. In addition to hydrate and paraffin, flow assurance involves asphaltenes or other precipitants or flocculants, corrosion, emulsions, slugging, and any other condition that disrupts or inhibits hydrocarbon flow between the reservoir and initial processing facility. 

All the aspects of flow assurance become more critical, and their control more important, in deepwater and more remote locales. Accurate fluid characteristics are fundamental to system optimization as the costs associated with field productivity increase both for avoidance and for remediation.

The key is tailored flow assurance products which are designed specifically for the unique operating environment and needs of the well. Champion Technologies addresses flow challenges with paraffin and asphaltene inhibitors, dissolvers, dispersants, specialized viscosity reducers, defoamers, and drag reducers. 

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