Flow Assurance

Flow management issues should always be thoroughly addressed in the design of any well, but chemical treatment will usually be necessary. The key is tailored flow assurance products which are designed specifically for the unique operating environment and needs of the well.

Integrity Management

The production of gas and oil is often accompanied by water, either from the formation, from condensation, or from water injected as lift assist.

Phase Separation

Learn about out our calcium napthenate inhibitors, emulsion breakers, and water clarifiers.

Scale Control

Scale is often defined as deposits of insoluble inorganic minerals. Common oilfield scales include calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, and metal sulfides.

Shale Oil & Gas

We help mitigate your challenges by offering a suite of products that address your concerns related to bacterial contamination, scale, corrosion, H2S, paraffin, hydrates, and difficult emulsions.

Water Solutions

Chemtech is a specialty chemical and engineering service division of Champion Technologies, Inc., providing a full line of industrial water treatment chemicals and field engineering services.

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