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The Assure® program for integrated hydrate control provides customizable hydrate management for challenging deepwater operations.


Bactron® biocides and treatment formulations control bacteria populations in drilling, completion, production, processing and transportation operations.


Captron™ 75 encapsulated scale inhibitor and Encaptron™ 95 encapsulated corrosion inhibitor provide controlled, long-term release of active inhibitors to maintain scale and corrosion inhibition without significant product loss and downstream system upsets.


Cleartron® water quality enhancement products solve many oilfield water quality problems for economical compliance with environmental obligations and regulations.


The production of gas and oil is often accompanied by water, either from the formation, from condensation, or from water injected as lift assist.


Emulstron® emulsion breakers provide a wide range of proven formulations for tough oilfield emulsion problems – from meeting crude oil sale specifications, to cleaning up produced water and enhancing the separation process.


Flexoil® paraffin control products prevent crude oil precipitation of paraffin wax deposits in production risers, subsea tie-backs, or any other production tubular or transportation pipeline.


Paraffins and asphaltenes are commonly-occurring components of crude oils, which have the potential to seriously interfere with production and in many cases, shut it down entirely.


FlowPlus™ drag reducers provide solutions to throughput issues arising from turbulence large scale injection and export systems.


Foamatron® fit-for-purpose foaming products are specially designed to unload water from gas wells or pipelines. Dewatering is achieved reliably and efficiently to restore and enhance production.

Gas Treat®

Gas Treat® H2S gas scavengers remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from process systems to improve safety, protect equipment and meet sales specifications.


Gyptron® scale inhibitors prevent scale deposits in well tubulars and field flow lines to help maximize production volume and reduce downtime.


The potential consequences of internal pipeline corrosion represent both safety and economic concerns to various sectors of the industry.


Naphthenic acids in crude can cause severe problems during the separation of oil and water.


Scortron® dual and multipurpose scale and corrosion inhibitors provide a sophisticated response to complex oilfield production problems.


Champion’s Scale Squeeze Program increased Asset Value by reducing well interventions and enhancing oil production across the life of your producing wells.


Surfatron® specialty surfactants are a diverse family of product formulations that enhance wetting and emulsify or disperse oil, water and solids.

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