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Champion Technologies acquires Chemtech

Integrated chemical-treatment strategy yields first independent global provider

Champion Technologies recently acquired Chemtech Chemical Services (Chemtech), a Geismar, Louisiana, USA - based water treatment and field engineering services company serving the industrial processing and refining industry. With this acquisition, Champion Technologies has become the first independent specialty chemicals company capable of providing integrated engineered chemical solutions for all segments of the oil and gas industry on a global basis. The acquisition also adds Chemtech’s engineered processing and refining water treatment services to Champion’s portfolio of upstream, midstream and downstream products and services.

"With the addition of Chemtech’s water-treatment and engineering programs, Champion Technologies has significantly broadened the offerings that we are equipped to provide worldwide," said Tom Amonett, Champion Technologies’ CEO and President. "This new suite of services allows us to fully support companies positioned at any point in the hydrocarbon value chain, from the well head to retail energy markets."

"This is an exciting opportunity that opens up new possibilities for everyone involved," Amonett said. "Whether production is upstream, midstream or downstream, we will continue to focus on treatment programs that offer effective specialty chemistries and optimal application methods and monitoring programs."

Champion Technologies, combined with Chemtech’s technology and engineering expertise in water treatment, is using cross-discipline system analyses to provide knowledge and support for refiners’ total chemical treatment needs.

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