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Your career can grow with Champion

We all want upward mobility in our careers. But what about a little outward mobility along the way? At Champion, the world is your lab.

Champion Technologies gives recent graduates more than just a job. We give you the chance to get out there and apply what you know in the field—and all around the world.

From the North Sea to the North Slope, Champion gives you freedom, adventure, responsibility and experience you just won’t find anywhere else. One company. Infinite adventures. That’s a career at Champion Technologies.

Make an impact

Deciding where you want to work out of school is an important decision. As you go through the process, don’t forget to ask yourself not only where to work but also what you’ll be doing when you get there. Champion Technologies gives recent graduates more opportunity, responsibility and recognition. No getting lost in the crowd. No endless layers of management. Just the chance to learn, prove yourself and grow as a professional—and a person.

From Texas to Thailand

Sure, this is an environment where you can be seen and heard. But it’s also a powerful environment. A global environment. Champion Technologies gives recent graduates job opportunities around the world helping our customers tackle important problems across six continents. So not only can we take you where you want to go professionally, but literally as well. All while helping to set the standard for product innovation.

Competitive benefits

This company is called “Champion,” but really our employees are the true Champions—the source of all our innovations, intellectual property and customer loyalty. That’s why we offer employees in every country a great total compensation package that includes competitive pay, benefits and rewards for performance.

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